Dear 20-year-old Ruth,


I wish you happiness. I am expecting that you are mature now and not crying all about what you lost and what you can’t bring back. Happiness is a thing I do not have. Don’t hate destiny like you do now for there is always hope.

It seems ironic that a year younger you is giving you advice. But if by the time you read this and decided to give an ear, you made me happy. You made the 19-year-old Ruth happy although I will be in the past and my happiness is purposely lagged or delayed. My happiness will come from the future and will felt in your past–a year delayed happiness. Be happy for me.

Continue to be charming–I hope I am charming, haha–and to be pretty. But still remember your principles and His good teaching. Follow everything you want for your wanting was given by the One who first loved you. Remember to always thank the Lord. And in everything, do it with love always.

I am expecting that you have thrown those ridiculous shorts (you know what I’m talking about). It makes your thighs look bigger. Go for dresses instead which I in fact expect that you are wearing right now.

Stop squinting. You are more awesome approachable without that.

Please shut up when Mama is lecturing. Please don’t bully your sister. Please be more interested on what Kuya is saying. Please don’t eat sweets and don’t give Dad sweets.

In the end, don’t miss me. I am weak. I cry easily. I am broken. But then, always remember me as a reminder that you are stronger that I am. Congratulations then.

Bring back laughter and happy birthday, Ruth.

Looking forward to meet you,

The 19-year-old Ruth

PS: The 18 year old drafted this. 🙂


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