2012 Bar Exam – Questions and Answers


Legal Notes

These are the list of questions (with answers) from the last 2012 bar examinations held at UST Grounds during the month of October.

Best wishes to all bar examinees!

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Ruth’s views on the English policy


We have an English policy at school. It requires us to speak English within the school premises. It’s a little bit awkward. You know my carabao english. Haha.

This is SPARTAAAAAA! (A-ano raw?!)

But my sister and I are actually enjoying the policy. It is a new found reason to go to school gleefully.



I already have the pictures last masquerade party but I still don’t have the necessary things like a card reader so that I could upload.

I didn’t review well for the prelims. I don’t actually feel that bad but if I reviewed well then I wouldn’t feel this way. I feel bad for my accounting 1 score. Ugh. I was dumb and a fool for not reading the questions twice. And I am just hoping that I could get a high score for the Philo exam.

Last Friday, I had five exams. From 7:30 am to 3 pm straight. Hmm, that’s about 7 and half hour. Luckily, I didn’t feel tired at all. I am happy because I only got three mistakes in my Filipino exam (bumabawi lang ako sa mga na-missed kong outputs–I enrolled late).

The day before that, I got so happy about my Speech exam. It’s a practicum. I got 96! Haha.

Masquarade or whatever


My school will have a party tomorrow. Acquaintance and Induction Program. Honestly it is mixed feelings. I don’t really like stressful days like tomorrow but happy because I have to wear a gown and be a Cinderella for a night. Haha.

So much for the vain imaginations. Anyway, I don’t think I can posts some pictures here. I hope I could so you’ll see.

The main objective in taking pictures tomorrow? To change my Facebook Profile picture. Magpapaayos pala ako.

Best act


Would you believe that my performance in the Speech class on a play about communication breakdown was phenomenal?

Haha. I was called the best actress. For one thing I upped the performance of my groupmates. Parang nadala ko sila sa performance ko. To think that there was no script. Nor even rehearsed it.

My role was a mother and an office worker. And I told Inday, the yaya, to cook adobo for dinner. But she heard mechado since she was watching Ser Chief.

The performance that Monday was still the talk of my classmates. They said I made them laugh and all. Haha. So much fun!



I feel like I am working in an office. The stereotyping me! Printing stuff and blah. Researching, playing online classes and blah. I am actually studying for my law class. Naks! No, joke. Just a Phil Gov class.

The reason for the uproar of posts about this Phil Gov class is that I really, really am uneasy and scare with it. I am dragging my feet to the classroom for this class.

I have to be smart, intelligent, wise and everything when I answer the oral quiz. I can’t accept a wrong answer. Haha. So that’s why I am studying.

So it is law


I enrolled what I dropped last semester. It is PhilGov. I was chickened of the way the professor teaches. I haven’t really collected ALL my guts for this but, hey, this is the time.

It is plain and simple. I just have to memorized all the Philippine Constitution whatever and I’ll be fine, right? Right.

The last meeting class, I was so nervous and scared that my heart pumped so fast it is faster than I would grab food when I’m hungry. And then a minute or two, I was dizzy. Ma said it is like a heart attack.

Goodness because it is only for one day and had a week for reviewing and memorizing.

34 Reasons I Need To Stop Liking You


Thought Catalog

1. You make me feel like shit more than you make me feel good.

2. I get insecure when I think of you with another girl. We’re not even dating. We’re not even hooking up on a regular basis anymore. We’re “just friends”.

3. You leave me in tears as often as you leave me in laughter.

4. I started liking my best friend less because I was hanging out with you more.

5. You never pick up your crumbs off the couch.

6. Even though I gained so much self-confidence, I lost most of it to you.

7. You give me reasons to want to be better, but I need to be better for me.

8. Sweatpants.

9. My day often revolves around you, when it should revolve around painting and reading and writing and things that I know I truly love.

10. When I said I squatted 200…

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Okay so Let’s Blog Again


There are so many happenings the last few weeks (sorry for my poor grammar, anyway). My relationship with my sister is stormy! One night she told me she hates me. “I hate you. I hate you.” She said with all contempt and fury.

The reason she was like that is because I told her I was tired of her childishness. And that she is a princess–she doesn’t help cook, wash clothes and other chores in the house.

She also doesn’t obey to everyone–she’s a bunso. If you tell her to buy bagoong in the wala-pang-isang-kantong canteen, she doesn’t go. She tells us, “Ayokong umitim.”

It just gets in my nerves so I told her all my heartaches about her. Believe me it is too easy to hate her, too.

So I get to do ALL–not exaggerating here–the chores. And she tells me that I am lazy! AAAHHH!!!

But I’m a fool. When she told me that she hates me, a tear fell unconsciously and I whispered, “You can’t hate me.”